As popular as music is throughout the world, the art of moving and grooving to its rythm is as well famous. Who can deny the pleasure of watching Shakira, Hrithik Roshan, Michael Jackson and Jeniffer Lopez? Although everyone cannot reach that level of mastery, the desire to learn the graceful moves is alive within each one of us, but seldom do we listen to the voice that comes from withhin. So i decided to give more reasons to people to recognize that call and start cating right away.

There are plenty of advantages when you start dancing and here are a few

Dance as an End in Itself:

Learning to dance itself is an advantage as you become a part of a beautiful world. Once you learn this art, it is a life long investment that makes your heart happy everytime you dance to your favourite tunes.

Socially Active:

There are a lot of social events where dancing could be an essential part, be it a leisure party organized by your company, christmas time ball or just another get together with friends, you could make the place more lively and lighten up your heart by dancing with your buddies.

Stay Fit:

It is one of the most important benefits of dancing. Dancing makes ones body flexible and keeps you fit. Instead of sweating out in boring gym sessions and monotonous yogasanas, one could opt for a cheerful option like dancing. The results as well can be seen quickly if you practice enough.

Don't you think these reasons are good enough to identify the voice of your heart that has been constantly urging you to match the beats of your favourite songs? Don't ignore them anymore. Take your first step right away. For more imnformation on various styles of dancing, their origin and free video lessons visit

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