As a broad science, the subject embracing the concepts of creation of molecules and the manipulation of atoms and dealing with microscopic and macroscopic scales. It covers interactions with plants, animals and humans, through agriculture, biology and medicine with the physical world through electronics, new building materials and new sources of energy. It affects the people of our planet, protecting and preserving our health, ecology, culture and chemistry is a science in its own right, it also supports and interacts with other scientific disciplines. In concert with biology, physics, medicine, materials science and other core disciplines, it make effective contributions to the solutions of problems facing the world today and to the improvement of the condition of mankind tommorow.

Chemistry provides an indispensable foundation of disciplines such as biology, medicine, and materials sciences. In leading technology towards the future, it should be remembered that chemistry is not a new science, but as steadily evolving discipline like physics and biology, interdependent on discoveries in other areas. It is a discipline that has long and deep traditions in the entire world.

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