is a very big country and a great country.

India is a big population country. So many religions are there. And a great democracy is there.

India is the seventh largest country of the world.

It is a major part of the continent called Asia.

The northern part of India is board narrows down towards through. The tropic of cancer passes through the middle of country.

Its length from north to south is about 3,200 kilometers and the breadth from east to west is about 3,000 kilometers. In the north, India is joined to a great area of land called the continent of Asia.

India has states and 7 union territories. Its neighbors are Pakistan, Afghanistan, and china, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Due to the variety of land forms, India climate differs from one place to another.

In the sea to the east and the west of India there are some islands. Those in the east are called the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The other group of islands in the west is called the Lakshadweep islands.

The natural surface features like mountains, oceans, lakes, plains and deserts are called the physical features. Te land which is similar in features, climate, natural vegetation and general way of life is called a natural region.

The land varies from place to place with high mountains, low valleys, flat plains and large plateaus. According to the land, the climate, and the natural vegetation, we can divide our country in to five different regions.

1) The Himalayan region

2) The fertile northern plain

3) The great Indian desert

4) The plateau region

5) The coastal plains

6) According to the land, the climate and the natural vegetation, the life of the people in one region is quite different from that of the people in another region.



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