University and research organizations provide teaching and training for young students in the basics of chemical science and engineering, both for students and specialing in chemistry and for others who need the underpinning experience of chemistry for their own particular scientific, professional or technical education. Universities have a vital role in the training of excellent people, and as partners with industry in collabortive research and development.

Of course, provision of an educational training in chemistry does not begin at university. It starts at primary school with an introduction to observation and embryonicinterpretation of phenomenaand continues through early, middle and later schooling. In many places, chemistry and chemical engineering are highly regarded as professions.

It is very ture tha without knowledge of basic scientific matters, of concentration, of risk and probability, and of the properties of materials and molecules, a science based industrial society can not function democratically.

As we see daily in our media, a society with widespread scientific ignorance is all too easily influenced by facts incorrectly reported or interpreted in an unbalanced way. Much more effort must be put into the careful and training and selection of science teachers, particularly chemistry teachers, and into the promotion of a more balanced view of the benefits as well as the responsibilities of chemistry as a science.

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