A) To go from one place to another

B) To take persons or goods to another place

Pony – horse of a small breed

Mule – donkey

a) Land – transport- to travel on land

b) Air – transport – to travel by air

c) Water – transport – to travel on water

1) Vehicles such as train, bus, car, cycle, bullock cart etc. are means of land transport

2) Ship boat etc. are means of water transport

3) Aeroplane, helicopter etc. are means of air transport

4) Animals like camel, pony, mule etc. are also used for transport

Fact – file

A) Kolkata is famous for its old tram service and metro railways

B) Delhi will get modern metro rail system in near future

C) Local railway is popular means of transport in Mumbai

D) Ropeways operate in tourist places like Gulmarg, Mussorie and Haridwar

E) There is an under sea tunnel that links France in Britain

F) Modern buildings have got lifts for travelling up and down

To carry goods from one place to other trucks, train, ships and aeroplanes are used.

In deserts, camels are the only means for pulling the carts. In thick forests we use elephants for carrying heavy logs. Ponies are very useful in hills.

All of us need to travel. We travel for going to work, school, relatives, market etc. some places are near to our home. Some places are far away from our home.

We travel by different means of transport. These means of transport are bus, car, two wheeler, three wheeler, and cycle rickshaw, train, aeroplane, ship, bullock cart etc. in deserts, people rid on camel to travel. Pony and mule are also used for travelling.

For short distance we generally uses bus, car , two wheeler, cycle, rickshaw etc. for long distance we travel by bus, train, aeroplane, helicopter, ship etc. all means of trans port cannot be used for travelling to some places. To reach some places we need more than one means of transport to travel.

The means of Transport used on land such as bus, train etc. are called land transport. The railway net work of India is very large.

The means of transport through air are aeroplanes and helicopters. They are expensive means of transport.

People also use hot air balloons to travel by air but this is used for adventure only. Rockets are used to go to space.

The means of transport on water such as ship, boats etc. are called water transport.



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