Ecological pollution is a health hazard. Besides it grievously hurts the ecology. The following are some of the terms associated with ecological pollution.

  • Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs: These are derivatives of methane and ethane containing both chlorine and fluorine. They are inert, volatile compounds used as refrigerants and aerosols spray. Their decomposition in the atmosphere damages the earth’s ozone layer. These are also called Freon.
  • Greenhouse gases: Methane and carbon dioxide gases are called greenhouse gases. They cause an increase in the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Oil spills Oil leaked out from oil tankers in the ocean causes oil sill. It endangers marine life.
  • Acid rain; Acid rain is the polluted rainfall associated with sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. It is implicated in damage to forests and the acidification of soils and lakes.
  • Global warming: It was a planetary atmosphere warming phenomenon, resulting from the absorption of infrared radiation by atmospheric constituents. It melts polar ice caps and creates other climatic changes all over the world.
  • Recycling: Putting waste substances back into productive use is called recycling. It is a means of reducing the demand on non- renewable sources, and preventing problems of pollution and waste disposal. Pulping of waste paper to make recycling paper is an example of recycling.
  • Biodegradable substances: These are substances that can be decomposed by natural processes so that their constituents are rendered available for use within the eco system. These substances break down naturally and return to the soil.
  • Soil erosion: when top layer of the soil is carried away by natural agents like wind, rain, water etc., it is called soil erosion. It causes a decline in soil fertility.
  • Deforestation: Depletion of forest cover is called deforestation. Cutting down of trees for fire wood, urbanization, industrialization etc., at a very fast rate leads to a decline in the amount of forest cover which, in turn, leads to damage to ecology.
  • Carbon monoxide; It is very poisonous gas. It is formed from the incomplete combustion of carbon and hydrocarbons. It causes headache and tiredness when breathed in.



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