Dr. Ambedkar completed his M.A from Columbia University. Later he studied in England. He worked in Bombay University as a professor in economics. Later he became a barrister. For some time, he worked as an advocate at the Mumbai high court.

Ambedkar was deeply concerned about untouchability, one of the social evils. All his life he struggled for its removal. In his works or writings he championed the cause of depressed classes. He started hostels for students of depressed classes. He started newspapers called ``mook nayak’’. `` Bhahiskrit bhakat’’ and ``janate’ are to convey his thoughts to the people. Bhahiskrit hitakarin sabha’ an organization was started by him in 1924 for cause of depressed. `` Bhahiskrit bhakat’’ under the leader ship of Dr. Babasahab Ambedkar, the struggle of the details developed into a wide movement. He devoted himself to the welfare of the depressed classes. His aim was to build up a society on the principles of freedom, equality and brotherhood.

Dr Ambedkar represented the depressed classes at the round table conference. He established the independent labor party and contested the elections in 1937. He opposed those bills in the legislature which would have proved harmful to the welfare of the workers.

He started the scheduled cast federation in 1942 to out froth the problems of dalits effectively. He served as the chairmen of the drafting committee of the constituent assemble and played a key role in drafting the constitution of our country. In independent India he served as law minister under Jawaharlal Nehru.

Dr B.R. Ambedkar was great leader who did his best to help those who were weak and needy. He sacrificed his life for weaker section people. He proposed so many demands for scheduled cast people. He was lord of the poor people. So his good name in Indian new history.



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