All of you might have witnessed sports either directly or in T.V.The items in sports differ according to the degree of the competition.That is the sport meet of a school will limit in nine or ten items.When it is a state level competition more items will be there.In Asiad, the sports meet among Asian countries a number of athletic items are seen.When it reaches to Olympics still more items of competition can be seen.

Well; everyone will have his own favourite item among all these.My favourite item is 4 X 400 relay which is really breath taking. But the most attractive event of every sports meet is the 100 meter race.It is because it determines the fastest athlet of the meet.

Now it is common to participate a 100 meter runner in long jump also. In most such cases , the 100 meter runner will be the winner of long jump also.Eg:- Carl Lewis of USA. Do you think why it is so ? Have you ever imagined why an athlet runs some distance before a long jump ?

It is related to Physics.There is a property called inertia in physics , deduced by Galeleo Galili. According to Galeleo's law of inertia every body continues or tend to continue in its state of rest or uniform motion along a straight line. That is if a body is in rest it will continue in that state if no external force is applied. Similarly a body in motion tries to continue in that state.

Now we can look to the athlet again.Before jumping he begins to run a little distance. Due to this run he gets a pace. Between that speedy run he jumps. So by law of inertia he will continue his speed of run during jump also and covers a greater distance.So if the running speed is high he can cover a better distance.That is why a 100 meter winner always wins the long jump also.

Now can you explain the theory behind a man descending from a running vehicle runs for a further small distance ?

Like this physics has a lot of application in our daily life.I will discuss one by one here in later articles.

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