Distressing during exams -Simple ways to distress during exams

Exams are an integral part of every academic process to test a student’s ability to understand a subject and to measure their performance. Well we all know there’s no way to escape exams but yeah there are many ways to escape the stress that’s exams usually create and the side effects of stress.

Prior preparations for your exams definitely aids in reducing stress to a large extent but sometimes effective preparations are not enough. Remember when it comes to appearing for your exams both over confidence and also lack of confidence can turn out to be heinous for your performance. After all exams are brain games wherein in a stipulated period of time you are supposed to answer some  questions based on the knowledge and information that you have stored in your brain. So students should try their best to keep themselves distressed during exams and also to keep a positive attitude and confidence in you. Don’t underestimate your abilities as this will prevent you from taking excessive stress. 

Exams are mostly accompanied by rigorous hard work and yeah hard work pays off, but only and only if you work hard smartly. Smartly here implies effective means to allow your mind and body work hard without creating excess stress which ultimately affects your performance.

Beat the stress don’t let it affect you and your studies.

It’s really simple, 

Take short intervals between your study schedules, do not plan continuous long hours of studying. Short intervals are essential because humans have a capacity to concentrate and study for shorter durations after which they tend to lose their focus and then it’s not possible to learn and understand effectively. If you take short breaks between your study schedules, it will help you grasp your subject faster and also aids in storing your subject data in your long term memory effectively. With proper concentration and focus even if you have minimal time period to study you will be efficiently able to do so.

Proper sleep hours are essential. Do not compromise on your sleep hour’s .If you have minimal time left for your exams and a lot of your study portion is remaining to be covered up and revised then the best way is too take mini power naps that is sound sleep for short duration that energizes and freshens you up and releases your stress.

Eat well and drink sufficient amount of water. Proper diet energizes you and gears you up for working hard and helps reducing stress too.

While you take mini breaks in between your study schedules, you can either take your power naps or you can carry out your favorite hobbies. Listening to your favorite music, or playing a sport that you like the most, or watching your favorite TV series or any other activity that you adore can work really great in releasing stress and energizing you and also helps in aiding your memory.

Having short conversations with your family and friend also works as a stress buster at times. While you study, do not continuously sit in a particular place as it restricts proper blood circulation in your body. Exercise and yoga helps in building up your stamina and concentration powers. Go outdoors, take a walk for some time, and breathe fresh. 

All these small efforts really work wonders during your exams preparations. They help in distressing and building up positivity in you for giving your best performance in your exams.

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