The art of portrayal is very crucial. Knowledge accompanied by effective presentation skills leads to an excellent performance. The need for effective presentation skills are important for both students as well as working professionals. Improper presentation of your researched information or knowledge can at times ruin your performance.Therefore it is must to develop effective presentation skill sets. 

Developing effective presentation skills is not a tough job. With proper identification of your presentation flaws and working on your flaws with utmost sincerity, can help one to get rid of their flaws while presenting. Following are the simple ways to develop effective presentation skills.

The most important aspect is confidence. 

Do not let your confidence levels to droop down. Lack of confidence reduces your actual capabilities to perform and thus weakens your performance. Whereas over confidence can be heinous too. Therefore it is very important to believe in yourself and your capabilities. Also confidence develops effectively when you are well prepared with your content to be presented. So the idea is too keep yourself prepared and meanwhile calm and confident to give your best output.

Maintain proper body language.

Too many hand gestures and restless movement from one place to another or back and forth , while presenting can annoy the audience. In order to get rid of this flaw one must rehearse multiple times before the actual presentation. While you rehearse, stand in front of the mirror and  keenly observe your gestures while you present and then try and improve yourself wherever you lack. Or one can even record their performing rehearsals and then keenly observe and improve all the flaws and other element which might deteriorate your presentation.

Proper pitch, tone, and speed should be maintained while presentation.

It's very important for the presenter to maintain an appropriate pitch, tone and speed while delivering their information orally without which the audience might get irritated and might lose interest in your presentation. While you rehearse listen to your own self otherwise you can also take help of your family members and friends to help you identify how you sound while presenting then you can work really well to improve your presentation.

Maintain proper eye contact

Present in such a way that  the audience should get the feel that you are communicating to each one of them. Interactive presentations work really well. Involve your audience by maintain a proper eye contact with all of them. Do not get conscious and constantly stare at one position while you are presenting . Instead circulate attention to all the members of your audience.

So prepare well and be well equipped.Believe in yourself and trust your abilities. Do not let negative thoughts splurge in your mind while you are presenting as this might lead to weakening your confidence level. So prepare well and be well equipped and give your best performance.

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