Importance of Group Discussion

Group Discussion is one of the methods or if we explain it in a simple way GD can be called to be a process of interview or evaluate candidates for their abilities to perform in groups. Group discussion is also used as one of the management tools to shortlist the prospective candidates for jobs by the corporate world. GD is generally conducted for various evaluations once the formal telephonic interview is over depending on the needs of a particular company. 

These are some of the skills which can be tested by GD including leadership Skills, communication, Interpersonal, motivational Analytical /Logical Skills, team building, capability to take initiative, reasoning ability, flexibility, assertiveness, way of thinking, creativity and take instant decision. However, most candidates commit certain mistakes during discussion which candidates should avoid to better their prospects. 

First and foremost

The reason why you are being tested is to evaluate your skills so if you hesitate in speaking feeling you might commit mistakes while speaking is the first mistake you’re committing. The reasons of your hesitation maybe different or multiple but you must learn from them and speak or at least give your best which will encourage you and reduce your hesitation. Persons who learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them certainly achieve their goal. 

GD is one of the most important tools for selection process in various sectors which I must admit is not an easy process for young people and some of them may falter in the process but that doesn’t mean that you should not speak or speak very little, therefore the way you interact in a group is an important aspect in your selection. You should know some of the important factors related to GD-

The timing is important factor

Every candidate gets a limited time to put his ideas forward so keep a close watch on your timing and do not wait for someone else to speak first but take the initiative. If you keep waiting for your turn or hesitating the chances are you will miss the bus besides if you speak at a later stage or in the end you might be repeating the ideas already expressed before you. The person that starts the discussion always gets a positive rating but if you still feel hesitant never miss the next chance. So, remember you should utilize your time which may vary from 5 to 10 minutes in best possible way. If you speak at first or second occasion your views will be fresh and not considered as others’ views. 

The Language or the original views

Now we come to a very important point of the whole process of group discussion the language. Most of us expect that in corporate selection processes a candidate comes prepared for speaking in English language but not necessarily unless the use of English language is compulsory one can speak in a language he feels comfortable with as the ideas are more important than the language. Some corporate make it clear which languages the candidates can speak during the group discussion. In fact, if a candidate can speak in multiple languages including the local language and English both is considered a better job prospect. GD is medium of expression of ideas where languages take the back seat. 

Your self-confidence is important

This is another important point which may determine the fate of your selection process, the self-confidence. If you feel that some of the other candidates are better looking, smart, taller, handsome etc you lost half the battle at that very point. GD is a test of expression and not a competition to select models so the smartness may count but not at this very point, here the competition is about your views and ideas. GD is all about the way you project your timing, the technique, confidence and clarity of ideas and not about how you look.

Stay within allowed limits

Let me make it clear at this point that a GD is all about expression of your own views so it will not be advisable to interrupt anyone during his/her time even if they are absolutely wrong in their view point. It’s for judges to decide as who was wrong or right but if you lose your own control on yourself and say something will only show you in poor light. So, let others finish their expression of views and keep your ideas about him to yourself. In short, if you are asked about his views you can always say you differ with him but this should be done in a mannered way. 

If invited to speak to debate on his views you can put your views forward but in a way which does not cross the limit of decency. You are not supposed to talk directly against that person or speak in a way which will end you chances to qualify. In my views you can use the opportunity to put some lights on points not yet touched during the discussion so far. This will lift your image and enhance your chances of selection and the moderators will certainly note the point. 

The worst thing you can do in a group discussion is keep repeating the views already expressed by other candidates. If the moderators find you are repeating what has already been said by others then you should think twice before doing so. Repetition is not taken lightly by the moderators of GD who may find you repeating the views already expressed so they might decide to disqualify you. and your efforts will not prove helpful.  

Make every move carefully

As I said in the beginning you shall be at an advantageous position if you speak in the beginning or start the discussion. But that does not mean that you should speak without relevancy just for the sake of speaking at an early stage. You will leave a very poor impression on the moderators in case you speak out of the contest so make sure you speak what is expected of you to speak according to occasion and to the point. Speaking too much or which has no reference to the given topic will reduce your chances. GD is all about expressing your best views within the limited time frame without showing any haste which will give other competitors no chance whatsoever to counter your points.   

How to stay a step ahead

There is no doubt about the fact that everyone comes well prepare to participate but if you should be focused on the important points which will give you an edge over others. The moderators keep an eye on the points which others might have missed or did not put properly or how you bring new points in the discussion which provide you extra points. The way you speak and counter others in a decent manner show your calmness and logical power. 

You must keep a close watch on others and speak something new in a manner which does not sound repetitive but show you in a different light. Finally keep a watch on current affairs while going to attend a GD as most GD are based on current topics especially the incidents during the last ten days. There is one more point which will keep you positive during the GD is your confidence. You have nothing to lose even if you do not succeed in getting the appointment after all you will be getting lot of experience which will help you in your next attempt. fter all a GD is all about evaluation done by experts based on your expression.   

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