The advertising world seems to be in a revolutionizing phase. Developing technology and excessive connectivity via online mediums has further advanced the scope of advertising. Particularly social media advertising is blooming tremendously specially due to the huge popularity of various social media platforms as they help people to stay socially connected. Several companies and brands offering various products and services are coming up extensively. With a huge number of brands offering the same product line , it provides the customers a huge variety to choose from. Thus it leads to an increasing need for advertising for all such companies, be it a small or a big reputed brand. To stay in the limelight and become the first choice of their target audiences companies are looking out for creative and talented people or agencies to get their work done in the best possible ways.

These days opportunities are flooding for all the advertising geeks. Thanks to the ever increasing growth of companies coming up with their products and services. The concept of a virtual agency is in vogue. For creating bizarre ad campaigns, the materialistic demands are very easily available and affordable. A great high speed internet, your laptop or computer and most importantly creative thinkers and techno freaks are all you need to start up your own venture in this industry. Mass media students can definitely make attempts to start up with their own virtual business ventures in the advertising world. Advertising is a wide glorifying world. Talented and creative people have a lot of scope for growth here. With the multiplicity of companies arising and the once already existing, lead to further advantage for the ad industry. Competition is enormous; moreover people these days live very occupying and tight scheduled lifestyles. In order to capture attention of the target audiences, the ad makers have with real intriguing, catchy, quirky ideas to advertise.

The world is globalizing. We can term it as that we live in a global village. Internet acts as one of the biggest reason for this continuously increasing connectivity. This gives rise to the online advertising activities. Mostly people nowadays have their own little spaces in the social media world. This becomes a great platform for the marketers to target the rightful audiences. The benefits therefore in reaching out to the apt audience increase tremendously. The various web facilities such as pop ups, web banners, search engine optimization, etc further add to the convenience for specific targeting. Moreover creating pages on social media platforms and continually posting relevant stuff in order to advertise, helps in maintaining a good online image.

Online advertising especially via social media platforms is very powerful medium in the contemporary times. Affordable yet unique and target audience centered medium. Startup advertising ventures can definitely opt for online advertising.

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