The development of a nation, we often heard this word from the politician, mostly in election times. But do we realize that the development of nation depends on education of both men and women. It is rather a debating question whether the women in India are actually given equality to men or not. In most developed countries of the world today women enjoy equal rights with men. Such countries know very well the importance of educated women.  

Position of women in the past and in present times

The picture was not so balanced in the past. In most of the countries women were treated as inferior to men. Their condition was not better than prisoners in their homes. Actually in some part of the world, husband doesn’t want their wife to come out of their houses and roam around. So a result they don’t receive education which creates lack of knowledge in them. Women are not entertained with social and economic freedom. The only things which they used to do in the earlier days is two things first they had to cook and second they had to play mother role which means they had to look after their sons and daughter and feed them with foods. But since the close of the nineteenth century their position began to improve and which is the good sign for the whole world.

The need of female education    

We find several great souls and good hearted person like Rammohan, Vidyasagar etc. who opened for the first time regular schools for them. They tried their best to abolish totally the orthodox-section of the community and which very much hard to do because there are peoples who believe in saying rather than doing but these great men did what they have dreamt of and which is ultimately a great achievement in him. Actually if we keep them in the dark it is bound that half the population will remain ignorance that is an outrage against humanity. So women should be properly educated with men so that they can prove themselves to March hand in hand with men in every walk of life and which is very important for the developing countries.


Now the position of female education is well in our country. So we have some noble ladies who even surpassed men. In India women can enjoy social, political and economic freedom. There are a number of politicians, scientists, social reformers, doctors, educationalist, jurists etc. yet there are some men of deformed mentality who believe that women should not be equal to men. They think women should be confined in homes and play the role of mother only. But it is not right judgement. To make our country more advanced our government should lay stress on female education more than before because there are many small areas and villages where still women are not allowed to go to school and get knowledge from there and also there are many villages where there is no school and there are also some places where there is school but the school education stops till class 4 and higher education are not available. So I wish that the government should concentrate in this matter more seriously than before.

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