Being a commerce student the biggest question that comes in mind is that To do Ca or Mba and this question may also keep you tensed . For a commerce student there may be many options but the only two best one are Ca and Mba . After passing 10th one thinks about which stream to take science, commerce or Arts and as one passes 11th or 12 th then questions regarding the carrier comes what to become , what to do etc. One mean get many advices from all friends and relatives but the decision is to be made on own.If you do the things in your life listening to others than you may become sad later on that you took a wrong step.

why people go for CA?

Commerce students are crazy to do CA and most of them try to do it. The status of CA for many people is lot and they think doing CA is best. Some of the benefits of CA are that it can be done after 12th with bcom  and as one completes bcom he will become CA or in some years after completing bcom . The other benefits of doing CA are that one can do own work by opening firm on own or in partnership or do any job too. One gets a very good income after becoming a CA . There are benefits of doing CA but its studies are lot hard and one need to do lot of hard work too.One also need to do 3 years articleship in CA .For some people passing the entrance exam or inter exam is so hard they cant even reach final . So before going for CA one should know his capability and one must be good in accounts.

why people go for Mba?

One can do Mba after completing Bcom and  get a good job or becoming a businessman. One can get high salaried job in big companies and also get selected at higher post after completing Mba. There are many institution of Mba but it must be done from the best institute otherwise its just a waste . I have come across some who did Mba from institute which are not famous and they are now failing to get a good job seeing the situation they are now forced to work in call centers . Mba in some institutes is very costly so one should plan it and then do it. So before doing Mba it must be planned and done from a good institute.

Thus doing Mba or CA is in your hand but you need to take the right decision to succeed in life.

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