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CA stands for Chartered accountancy. Chartered accountancy is a dream carrer for almost all commerce students. As far as education in india is concerned students opting out for science and commerce stream are equally distributed. But there is a misconception that only weak students opt out for commerce stream. But actually commerce strem is more challenging and hard to survive than the science stream people. But when students pay some attention and make themselves bright then they can get through very well and can get a assured life forever. Science stream is where we had to do a post graduation degree to ensure a good job on hand. And also the fields pertaining to science are not atable always. Where as the economy and commerce stream will sustain forever even there are some fluctuations then and there. For a country like india where the self buisnesses are growing many fold day by day accountants are a great need.

About the course:

Chatered accountancy is a four years course.

The students who wants to do CA can belong to any stream his/ her higher secondary school education. But belonging to the commerce-economics-accountancy group will help them to make the further learning easier. So a good student must decide his future when he/she completes the tenth standard itself so that he can aim for a better goal. Once you are confident about pursuing CA then get into the accounts stream in the eleventh standard. Do not change your goals when you see some fantasy. Choose soe gosl shich you will love and work with enthusiasm so that you will not have to change for any reason.

Chartered accountancy will deal with four subjects:

  • Accountancy,
  • General economics,
  • Mercantile law,
  • Quantitative aptitude.

Students can directly pursue CA after their twelfth or they can do it after their B.Com. but I advice people to do it after they complete their B.Com because they will be matured enough to face the tough teat. If it is for students directly after twelfth then they will have to learn the above four subjects by themselves.

Entrance Exams for CA is called CA-CPT(common proficiency test) which will be held twice in a year- june and december. Students mmust keep updating themselves about the last date of registration and all improtant events from the website pertaining to ICAI- institute of chartered accountanta india. Their will be important news that will get posted then and there.

Before that last date gets over the student must register for the exam paying Rs.6000. There will be centres directly governed by the ICAI who will conduct regular classes for that students who have registered. They will charge Rs.3000 as the tuition fees for the entrance and the classes will be conducted in two sessions. The classes will be hectic because it will start two months before the exam i.e the batch for june exam will start by april. There will be a tension to complete the portionsa as soon as possible so the classes will be held even on Sundays in the ICAI centres. Students can also join other private tuition centres but they will be charged more money then the ICAI centres. The teaching faculty be so fabulous that they will the learning process easier by giving required tips for the students to clear the entrance easily.

For people who have joined the ICAI centres for the coaching will receive four large books one for each subject and two other books which will have a collection of the previous year question papers. There will regular materials and notes that will be distributed which will give a better idea to students about the exam.

The entrance test will be for 200 marks. Weightage will be like law-40, accountancy-60, accountancy-50, economics-50. The entrance will be in two sessions – morning and afternoon, each 100 marks. There will be a three hour break between each session.

Important factor which makes this exam the most difficult one in india is that the NEGATIVE MARKING. Each right answer will carry 1 mark and each wrong answer will deduct 0.25 mark. This factor is what reduces the pass percentage of students. So students must be very careful about answering the questions priorly. So only many students will not clear the entrance in the first test itself.

The criteria for passing the exam will be to obtain 100 marks out of 200. Even one mark less than 100 will make the student fail. If the student did not get chance to pass the exam then he can take the next attempt.

After passing the entrance exam he/she must join the ICWA course which is a one year course. Again the ICAI centers conduct this course in a regular manner. After completing that course successfully he/she must pursue a three years internship under an established accountant to gain the working experience after which he/she will be awarded the degree.

Special tips for students:

  • A student who completes his/her tenth standard must decide clearly what his aim is going to be. He must have a clear vision about his profession.
  • If it is going to be CA then he must decide if he is going to do it after B.Com or directly after twelfth. After B.Com is a wise decision but directly after school will require the student to put more effort to pass the entrance.
  • Keep track of all the important dates pertaining to the exams so that you do not miss any. Else you cannot make an attempt.
  • The ICAI centres proovide quality education at low cost. The student can preferable join in the ICAI centers for coaching. But coaching is a must.
  • "I've joined the coaching and that's it"- will be the mentality of the students. But it will make everything vain. So be very serious about the coachign period and make regular efforts so that you do not lag anywhere.
  • Attend every class and make a note of all the tips and tricks told in every class so that you can make your exams easy.
  • There will frequent hand-outs given and the small tests which will be conducted. Do not miss even one of these.
  • Make a constant preparation at home. Do not be lazy at any cost.
  • Choose any one subject that you like so much and concentrate mare on it so that you can get the whole lot of marks from it.
  • Make a wise choice of your future and live happily. All the best.

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Nice article. But it would have been much more beneficial if you had also advised for next steps after clearing CPT like doing articleship and final level of exams.

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