Today's scenario, Indian Education is more costly for parents and burdensome of students. Moreover, It is irrelevant. I would like to discussed major drawback of Indian education system.

1. Burdensome Lengthy Syllabus

From primary school to high-school, Most of students are passing their time to complete their homework. He has passed almost half a day at school and rest of half day with tuition classes to complete homework. Each subjects are very lengthy divided into many chapters. However, really too much general knowledge is required.

The detailed syllabus of social studies, geography, Hindi, regional language is essential to develop  personality in kids/teenagers. Or without lack of such knowledge, students are not fit for future jobs.

The answer is No. In real word, no one is asking for length of Nile river or what is the capital of Canada.

Such unnecessary detailed syllabus creates stress, hampers creativity and spoil childhood of students.

2. One Evaluation criteria is fit for All.

It is illogical or ridiculous to conduct a race between elephant, deer and ant. All three animals are created by God and having different abilities. Board exams are rather than evaluation of memorizing skills of students rather than perceived knowledge.

3. Education is irrelevant to job market

 After completing, B.C.A. etc., to get a job is a tough task. It is also a great challenge for employer to recruit such educated people who are lacking in basic skills such as analysis, problem solving, communication etc. Even topper students are quite inadequate at such generic skills.

4.Teacher are also inefficient

Teachers are also not efficient and unconcerned about well-development of students. They are concerned with only their subjects.

5. Reservation a Dragon for Indian Society

In each school, patriotism is taught by the teachers. However, such learning is squashed in front of reservation wall. When merits are not working, then students are starting to recognize the dragon of Reservation and rebuild their learning.

 Tips to Avoid such drawback in individual capacity

1. Parents should understood that schools are not only the option for development of his child. They are equally and as per my view, more responsible for development of their child. Parents should understand futility of formal education irrespective of level/ brand of school.

2. Parents should not put his own child in lemmings race. They should encourage creativity, analytical skills in their child.

I am not saying formal education is not necessary, but Parents should not over stress about results or comments of teachers. It creates stress, mind blocks in early age of child. Parents should understand 90% is not a criteria to prove one student is a more intelligent than other student.


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