We all have been grown up watching 'Tom and Jerry', 'Micky Mouse' and Spider Man' on our televisions. But have we ever thought whose hands worked behind the curtain.? Who created those characters.? Who made them move.? How can they do such impossible task about which we can't even dare to think of.? The answer to all these questions lies with Animation Industry.

What is Animation.?

Animation Industry has been providing great sources of entertainment since long time. Animation is, in fact a combination of various aspects like music, lighting computer-generated graphics and videos. Films like 'Hanuman', 'My friend Ganesha', and 'Shrek-3', which are a rage among children, are the magnum opuses of animation on silver screen. The word 'animation' is derived from Latin word "anima" which means the "breath of life" Hence, it can be  concluded that Animation is a field which adds life to static things.

Career Opportunities

Animation today add another dimension to  the entertainment, presentation, advertising or public relations. In to days techno-savvy world, when every thing is becoming highly advanced, Animation has become an integral part of our education and lives.

So any one who is interested to the cutting edge technology, the Animation industry could be perfect for them.

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