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The purpose of typography is to type something related to your life or in this case taking an alphabet-B for Boddunan and typing related words to the website.

1.) Open a new document of width-640px and height- 480px and fill the background color as Black.

Type a text (in this example, ‘B’) with

Font- ‘Times New Roman’ and Style-Regular

Size- 620pt and use sharp effect.

Color- # ba16a5. Reduce the fill and opacity to 90%. One the text is create, create another copy to keep the original as reference. Now make the following adjustments for the duplicate:


Gradient Overlay settings:

Set the Blend mode – Normal with opacity as 100% and style used as ‘Linear’ with angle-90% and scaled to 78%.

The Gradient is custom made. Select a bicolor gradient divided equally for two colors. Set one color as   # fcaa0b (yellow) and the other color as # 81022d (pink).


All you have to do next is Type text and move around. Make duplicate copies and change their font, size and color also but I did not change the color for texts. You can also place the texts partially inside and the remaining portion outside. While doing this, the portion outside is visible and not hidden. Hence you have to do a very important step. (a.) While typing tou can type only half of the text, for example, Instead of Boddunan, type only Bod. Etc. (b.) The process used here is setting the mode for all the text placed partially n and out to ‘COLOR DODGE’ mode. The text color blends with Black background and the portion becomes invisible.  It is better to group the similar words by using the option, Group from layers in Layer Menu. Do this when you complete everything.

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