For this text effect, we are going to go through very simple steps,first open a new docum,ent on photoshop.Everyone know how to, even if you don't know, go to File menu, then click on New. or just use the shortcut Ctrl+N.The document can be of any size that you need.

As you can see, the default background color in photoshop is white, but for the effect we need a black one.So go ahead and choose the paint bucket tool


Then select black color from the toolbar, then click once anywhere in the document.And you get a black bg!.


Now it's time to create text-click on the text tool, be sure you select any font and color (I'm choosing times new roman font, size of 100pts and color white)that you require from the toolbar that appears at the top when you select the text tool.then click anywhere in the document and start typing.Once you've finished press Ctrl+Enter to create the text( we can later align the text)[in the image you can see the places where you can choose the font size and color].

4 7

In the right side, you'll find the layers window.(if you don't see it,press F7).There you can see the black bg as a layer and the newly created text as a layer.Now press ' v ' so that you'll be able to move the text to the middle of the document.


Then, in the layers window, rightclick on the text layer and select Rasterize type.

now right click the layer again and select duplicate layer(then click ok if another dialog box comes).


Now select the original ' name ' layer and right click and select merge down ,alternately you can also use the shortcut keys Ctrl+E .Now you should have something like this.(also hide the duplicate layer by clicking on the eye next to it, we'll use the layer later)



Now go to the image menu, select rotate canvas and then select 90 degrees CW.


Now go to the filter menu and select stylize->wind.In the dialog box that appears, select from left to right.Now press ok.(if you feel the effect is not stronger, so press Ctrl+F to apply the filter again.but it is not necessary).


Now go to the image menu and select rotate canvas-> 90 degrees CCW.Now the image should be in upright position.


Go to the filter menu, select distort-> ripple.And select a medium strength ripple and click ok, you should get something like this.


Now we have to add color to the image, go to the image menu, select adjustments->color balance.In the dialog box that appears, slide the first one all the way to red, the bottom one all the way to yellow.(don't move the middle slider).



Now select the brush tool, right click anywhere int he workspace and select a large, soft round brush(probably larger than 75px).With color red selected and opacity turned down to 20%(opacity can be found at the toolbar that appears at the top when you select the bursh tool.)Make slight strokes over teh image to give it a red glow.


Then we have to add some debries of fire, for that, use the following settings for a 5px soft round brush(the brush settings can be found in the top right corner).Select both scattering and shape dynamics and adjust the settings as shown.

58 59

Now make few strokes around the fire(mostly on the top) with red and yello colors-see image below.(I've used smudge tool, to blurr the small particles).


Remember the duplicate text-name layer? right click the layer in the layers window(it is to the right of the screen).select blending options and apply the following-stroke, color overlay and outer glow






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