Government of India railways is introduced some fast trains, in their Ac with comfortable facilities. And Speed electric trains’ runs in metropolitan cities.

Indian railway is the nation’s single largest undertaking. They made a small beginning in april1853. When the first ever railway train in India commenced its journey from Bombay to Thane, a stretch of only 34 kilometers. The Indian railways are today Asia’s largest and world’s second largest railway system. The railways are operated in broad gauge (1676mm) meter gauge (10000mm) and narrow gauge (762 and 610mm). The Indian Railway has various units of production.

Chittaranjan Locomotive works, Chittaranjan, west Bengal was setup in 1950 for the manufacturing of system locomotives.


Locomotive works, Varanasi, Utter Pradesh state, was setup in 1964 for the manufacture of diesel locomotives.

Integral coach factory, Perambur, Tamil Nadu state was setup in 1965 to run out furnished coaches. Wheel and Axle plant, Yelahanka (Bangalore) Karnataka state was setup in 1983 for the manufacture of wheels and axles.

Diesel component works, Patiala, Punjab was setup to produce components of diesel locomotives of international specifications.

Rail coach factory, Kapurthala, Punjab was setup to produce passenger’s coaches.

Indian’s first underground mass rapid transport system, the Metro railway, was setup in Calcutta. The root length is 16.3 kilometers. It runs between Dumdum and Tollyganj.

There is the only rack railway system in India between Mettupalayam and Udagamandalam.

The smallest route train runs a distance of 20 kilometers between Siliguri and Tindharia which was later extended to Darjeeling. This Siliguri-Darjeeling mountain train is popularity know as the Tay train.

India’s first transport museum was setup at Chanakyapuri, New Delhi. It covers 10 acres of railway yard. The train fair queen, purchased by East India Company, is exhibited in this museum.

First double Decker coaches were introduced between Bombay VT and Pune in 1978 by Mumbai- Baroda and central Indian railway. The name of the train was Simhagarth express.






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