Doing CA is tough as all of us know. People get bored and tired doing the studies of CA but as every thing has two sides postive and negative CA also . Studies are hard but some days are great where we enjoy a lot and have lot of fun. While doing CA we have to do different things like IT training , orientation etc.In IT training we get a good knowledge of computers and some of its application while in Orientation programme we develop communication and presentation skills.

During Orientation programme we learn a lot of things and we also develop communication and presentation skills . At the same time we enjoy a lot by playing different kind of games this games are mostly mind games and main aim of playing these games is to develop team work , communication skill, knowing each other etc. During my orientation programme different games were played and i would mention some of them in this article

One of my game that i liked the most was the game to make a giraffe using newspapers. We were distributed in groups each consisting of 6to7members. we were given some newspapers and some cello-tapes we had to make a 3D giraffe . This game was interesting as we had to make giraffe and we were not given any guidelines  regarding the size, shape of giraffe. Different groups made giraffe in different ways . Some made it very small, Some made it very huge and fat. In the end of the game the best group who made the best giraffe was announced.

Another game that i liked was a game where we had to do a play. As in other games in this game also we were divided in groups then we had to do a play. We were first asked to choose a creature that we hate the most then we had to do a play which would be regarding the creature. We chosed lizard and did a play upon it. Different teams choose different creatures like earthworms, cockroach etc and did plays and in last the lecturer announced 3 of the group plays best.

We also played various other mind games like nine dot game, some games of numbers etc. All games were wonderful and all thought of various answers and few only got it right . Orientation days were great and wonderful experience which happens only few times in  life. Hope such joyful days keep coming in life where we enjoy with friends.

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