A smile is a powerful way to communicate.



It projects warmth. Approval, pleasure and self-confidence.


Every person has certain needs from the time he/she is born till the end of life. These needs are satisfied by the family initially, and then by different members of society. In the process of satisfying these needs, we develop relationship with our parents, with our brothers and sisters, other relatives like uncles, aunts, cousins etc. In school you build relationship with the Principal, the teachers and your class-mates. As you grow older and take up a career, you meet many people at all levels. So you develop relationships, where you not only satisfy your needs, but develop a certain amount of love, affection, and concern for the people you meet. It is these bonds of love and warm relationship that reflect in your thoughts, your communication and interaction with others. In the family, you expect a certain amount of love from your parents, brothers and sisters.

If your parents and other elders order you, scold you of shout at you, you feel hurt. If this happens repeatedly, then you are unhappy. Similarly, if you shout at your parents, brothers and sisters, you are either punished or you do not get what you want. If the members of the family do not interact with one another with affection, there is no happiness in the family. It is necessary that all members in the family are polite, so that there is better understanding, and cooperation, trust, affection and concern in the family.

At school, you imagine a teacher who shouts at you and your classmates for every little mistake, and another teacher who explains to you, your difficulties and is more polite in her manners! Naturally the children will like the second type of teacher because they can discuss their difficulties more freely with her. There are many occasions when we may not agree with the teacher or with our friends. In such cases, we have to put forth our views, politely rather than by shouting or getting angry. For example, you get back your answer books after correction and find that there are mistakes in the totaling or you do not understand why you have got less mark for a particular answer, You can ask the teacher politely and clarify.

Therefore, to be polite you should be positive in your approach and attitude. Politeness is essential for interaction and effective communication. It helps to bridge gaps and smoothen relationship.

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