You dream of having an extra hour every day to complete a major project, an urgent task in order to return home calm and relaxed and stress free.

To save time, everything starts with good planning of your workday. You are responsible for a service and you can adjust your schedule slightly, and so much better. Make the most to gain time. Start your day by arriving at the office a little earlier than your colleagues, this will avoid congestion and will save you time.

Start your day in peace, without stress, and you have the assurance of not being disturbed by your employees, or receive unwanted phone calls from customers and partners. This will save you valuable time every day. Think about it seriously, a simple shift of a half-hour can save you much time.

Always keep your office tidy and sort your mail and documents in file cabinets and appropriate. Spend some time tidying up and classify each day, you will save considerable time when searching for a document or folder, and it's always time to time to reach the end of the day.

An equally important point is to name the folders on your computer so identical to those of your physical files, and that will also save time when searching.

Organize and plan your day each day will save you considerable time. Make a list each day of your work to be done. You can do this either with your computer, or on a calendar. The ideal is to always have a notebook to record themselves all the tasks you affect will not forget anything and free your brain to process other applications to save time.

The key is to make each day a few minutes to think of tasks to be performed to save time you will better appreciate the amount of work to be done and identify priority tasks compared to smaller missions.

Always start early in the day by the tasks and issues that require a high concentration. The morning, you are well rested and your brain is more efficient to work efficiently and quickly and still save considerable time on your day.

Always allow time for your contingency to cope with an emergency, a phone call. And if by some miracle, nothing occurs, this will give you the opportunity to move forward in a case which delayed or returned home rather quietly.


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