Music enriches our life by giving a sense of harmony and order. Health, wealth, success in life, good luck name and fame, in short, the desirable things of the world still leave us, for some mysterious reason, unsatisfied.

We seek unity, order and harmony in the world. Music satisfies this craving. Pain and sorrow make us sad but a pathetic song, while it leads to tears, also soothes us. This is because such a song transforms disharmony into harmony.

Music is the play of sound, will it be vocal, instrumental or a combination.Music expresses the inner-most soul of things, of actions and of ideas. The musicians voice and the sound of the musical instruments combines, captivate the ear and the heart. In Indian music we have the ragas and the raginis suited to the changing hours of the day and night and also suited to the various seasons. There are countries in which vocal music is not perhaps so highly developed as it is in India. But there is an orchestral quality in European music which is of a really high order. All human emotions find expression in it. We have elegiac or funeral music. Love, sorrow, separation, union, domestic affection, religious feeling, the human response to the sights and sounds of nature, the daily activities of life, our attachment to numerous things and numerous scenes, all of them find their echoes in music.

Music makes the earthly life seem divine. It is said that the devil can do everything but it cannot sing. It appeals even to the lower animals who are moved by its rhythmic beats. Flowers plants, and other plants have been known to respond to music and to grow and flourish when music is played near them. Music is soothing & tender. It brings out the music hidden in the chords of our being. It soothes our tired nerves. It makes us aware of the inner richness of life. It spiritualizes the material world. It lightens the burden of existence. It brings calm to our distracted life.

With the invention of the gramophone record and the radio the finest and the best music has come within the reach of the common man. But these inventions have not taken away the goodness of instrumental music that musicians play.Music, again is a very great thing as a civilizing and humanizing force. It may be called the soul of civilization.


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