‘Rich’ and ‘Poor’ are words of very wide applicability. There are rich families and poor families, rich nations and poor nations, rich minds and poor minds, rich natural resources and poor natural resources, rich crops and poor crops. There can be a rich poem and a poor poem, a rich language or a poor language, a rich sol or a poor soil, a rich personality or a poor personality. We can very well think of some other pairs of such opposites.

From the above given list it can be seen that the words ‘rich’ and ‘poor’ refer to the qualities while in others to material wealth. As a rule when we say, the ‘rich’ we mean families with net income of several thousand rupees. When we say ’poor’, we mean families with an income of five hundred rupees a month or less. In between these, we place the lower or higher middle class families.

Universal material prosperity will mean a revolution for the world. Today a certain limited number of boys and girls have a home life and an education which are necessary for the encouragement of their moral, capacities and potentialities. With the abolition of poverty, this number can be multiplied numerous times. The world will become rich beyond all dreams in rich minds and rich personalities. Material richness all over the world is bound to result in mental and intellectual and moral richness of the world.


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