For a happy home a well planned house which is airy and well situated, is the first condition. Children should be the first thought when we discuss the question of a happy home. A courtyard and a small garden are the needs of a happy home. Failing these there should be parks and playgrounds for children in every locality.

The most necessary condition for a happy home is that the income of the person who is responsible for the family bread should meet with the expenses .A family which is poor and a happy home cannot go together. Economic security is the foundation of peaceful home life.

Much depends on the personality of the parents. A home requires the right kind of parent. Love and warmth are necessary by children. In modern times parents have to work and leave their children for long hours. There must be Kindergarten or nurseries where the children of localities are put in charge of those who run these nurseries. Here the childrens of several families can play and learn together. In this way the children will not only remain happy and cheerful but their social instincts also will be trained. Early friendships will be formed which may have far-reaching effects in the lives of boys and girls.


A happy home means happy surroundings. If the parents have bad relations with each other, the life of the children will also be spoiled. Certain defects in the character of the parents such as drunkenness, gambling, use of the undesirable language, frequent ill-temper will ruin the happiness of a home. It will also destroy the future of the children.

It is up to the parents to give the right direction to the lives of their children. Healthy traditions are indispensable for a happy home life. The home life can make or mar the life of a family and even the life of a whole community.

It has been said, ”Give me the making of a nation’s songs and I don’t care who makes its laws.” Songs and poetry, fairy-tales and folklore, drawing, painting, music, dance, other home arts, stories and parables, widely read national epics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana, are all calculated to enrich and refine home life. While harshness and brutal treatment should scrupulously be avoided in handling children, right admonitions and a healthy fear of parents are necessary for the training of children. It is not the policeman, not the courts and the jails, which provides discipline to the citizens but the traditions of the home which do so. The mind, the emotions and the will-power should receive such training in the home as will prove determining factor in the shaping of the children’s later life. Home life is thus very important not only for a family but for the society as a whole.

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