Drug abuse has become a very openly rampant curse from the last few decades, and the crude defies any solution up to date. Young boys and girls take to these due to some frustrations f life, and they just cannot come out of it, once they get deeply involved.

A number of welfare organisations are doing good yeomen work in this area and trying earnestly to eradicate the menace. However, if we remember the adage, ‘prevention is better than cure’, we must realise that, unless we uproot the cause that results in the abuse, little can be really achieved in this regard. It would be more effective if we try to hit a blow at the root of it and try to   uproot the plant! That has, by now fully grown.

Let us thus analyse the obvious causes of this so called frustration among the young. The causes are generally not for to seek. The changed enviornment is the basic cause of this so called frustration. The enviornment of the home is no more of a heaven far from the maddering crowd outside.


The home instead of the earlier heaven has become as if a simple night halt for all residents, big and small. Each person in the family is busy with the building up of his/her career and the atmosphere of love and care thatwas at one time typical of a home is now completely missing. In this lonely stressed up youth gets to the simple vice of drugs simply to ward off this acute sense of loneliness. Once, just once this drug has to be tasted and the individual becomes an addict forthwith. With the first taste there is no returning to sanity.

This drug abuse has gone so very deep into our society that, every home is seething with the pain of a drug addict. The effects of drug abuse are also not far to seek, and many other vices come and join the individual with this basic need. When money becomes scarce, the addict has to just has to steal the amount to fulfill his body’s demand. If he cannot steal any money, he will misappropriate   any money given to him for some work.

All this he does not because he wants to steal, but because he has to administer a dose without which he will remain restless, and will experience an unaccountable pain. Thus in this way the drug addict gets into another vice and that is of stealing money. This is because a regular inflow of money has become absolutely neccesary for him to keep alive. This in turn leads to further complcations in the family and so finally the addict reaches a HOME meant for addicts, far away from his natural home and, sooner or later dies in the prime of his youth.

This drug abuse by the young in nurtured by the selfish unthinking adults, who bring in drugs to the country and then sell them at outlets easily approachable to the youth. These are sold at outlets where children go in large numbers, in front of schols, infront of colleges, in university premises, and many such other places. These places are easily accesible to the young and the business of the adult’s flourishes at the cost of the young lives. It is very sad state of our society when adults themselves serve poion to their young.

These adults of to-day have become so engrossed in money spinning dvices that, no matter what happens, they are out to make money. They could not care less about the impact their florushing buisness may have on the younger generation. It is so sad to see that elders are these days initiating the young into vices of all kinds. It is the unscrupulous adults who are responsible for the destruction of the destinies of the young and in turn killing our budding generation.

Thus, this brain drain is and will continue unless we put a stopper by giving them more working facilities at home and give them more than the other ordinary brains in terms of pecuniary benefits. As long as we can’t do this for them the brain drain cannot be stopped and the best of Indians will continue to find homes abroad. While they continue to go out we, the Indians will have to continue being happy with the fact they have at least become a force to reckon with, and they get a lot of name and fame.



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