There such things as personal habits. Also there are group habits or national habits. These latter are known as customs and traditions.It has been said that habit is second nature.Habits determine character and character is a destiny.

In every well conducted home and in every rightly run school or collge, it should be the duty of guardians and teachers to inculcate good habits in those who are under their change. Habits determine the quality of social life and of civilization itself.

The formation of proper habits saves us from a lot of worry and botheration and from a lot of harm that would follow without them. Habits enable us to work almost effortlessly. If our habits are wrong we shall be driven to do many things thoguhtlessly and mechanically which will result in harm to ourselves and to society. Similarly, if our habits are right we ccan do good to ourselves and to society without the botheration of uncertain thinking. Right habits in an individual and in a nation are part of the law of progress and properity. Wrong habits are part, and a considerable part of the law of backwardness and misery.


Good habits do not come to a man or a woman unsought. Much care and thinking go to the cultivation of good habits. But the care and trouble taken in the election and the formation of good habits are amply repaid by the good results given by god habits. Good and bad habits often result from good and bad surroundings. They also result from personal tendencies and inclinations. Something dne or said by chance has the possibility of becoming habits. Constant vigilance is needed for the cultivation of good habits, and for nipping in the bad misguided impulses which carry the danger of creating bad habits.

All of us are children of the past. The savage and the barbarian are asleep within us. Our ancestors in the remote past were the lower brutes. Ther wild and untamed passions lie asleep within us. The forces of cvilsed life have made us more or less lawful men and women. But the forces of heredity often impel us to unlawful acts which may become unlawful habits. Good habits cultivated early in life will change our nature for the better. They will result in automatic good behaviour.


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