Raima was a normal sixteen year old; she loved school, her family and her boyfriend.She was having a blast during a Junior year, until the day she found out about the “accident”. Rina and her boyfriend, Arjun, had been together for over two years, and they planned to get married. Both of them felt they were ready to have sex. So one night decided to go ahead and try it.

Then about six weeks later, Raina noticed that wasn’t feeling well and that she hadn’t gotten her period for a long time. Of course, she had no idea what was wrong with her, so she told her mother how she didn’t feel well and she han;t had her period.

Her mother asked Raina if she and Arjun had slept together, and Raima had to sell her the truth. Right away her mother knew exactly what was wrong. Raina was pregnant. Her mother, Mrs. Nelam, immediately called Arun’s parents. The teenagers and their parents met and discussed the “accident”.

Later that year Raima dropped out of school and gave birth to a girl child. By this time, Arun had found a job, where he could work enough to support Raima and the daughter. This one “accident” changed Rima and Arun’s lives forever. Raima never made it to her next education class.

Raima got pregnant during a time when most teenagers weren’t having sex. However,a survey done by Health Initiatives for Youth, showed that one-tenth of senior school students in the India have had sex by the time they graduate.

The history of sex education goes back to nineteenth century. Sex education consisted of medical and biological information about reproduction. Later, media made an important role for sex information available to kids. Many people thought this raised the demand for sex education in public school.

Traditional opposing theories of sex education include the theory that sex education in public schools is “an insidious and unnatural invitation to sexual activity.” Says Raman. Some feel sex education programs, specifically ones that focus on birth control and contraceptives, only promote sex. Others support beliefs that sex education should come naturally. They also feel that sex education has no place anywhere but in the home.

According to an expert, parents should be active in sex education at home. All theories on sex education share the belief that sex education in public schools is not working and teenagers are rising.

Sex education is defined, broadly as instruction in results and processes of sexual activity. Sex education as known today is, according to Grolier’s Encyclopedia , “ a formal instruction program to provide children and young adults with an objective understanding of sex as a biological, psychological and social life face.”Availability of these sex education programs is still limited.

Most parents want their kids to know how to make healthy, responsible choices about sex, but they cannot answer their children’s important questions related to sex. Therefore they believe their kids must learn about sex at school, where their questions can be answered correctly.

Thus, it can be concluded that sex education can be very helpful for the teens and the young generation to avoid themselves from any unwanted diseases like AIDS etc. which can be very dangerous in future.

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