High temperatures are one of the main enemies of plants. If you are fond of gardening surely have noticed that you must exercise extreme care in the summer.

Then, what you find are solutions to major problems in your plants inside and outside in the summer season.

Lack of water: If you noticed that the leaves are wrinkled and slightly decreases the likelihood is that you have not calculated well water. Spread generously and recovery is almost immediate.

Heat: Like people, plants suffer too hot and dry days. Avoid dehydration not only watering the plant, but also the land around it.

Excess Lime: If the water is highly calcareous, the more water due to heat, the leaves turn yellow with green veins. Solves this problem by adding irrigation water a fertilizer rich in iron sulfate.

Excess fertilizer: What if you notice the leaves are burned. In this case place the pot under the faucet for a long time to wash the earth and remove the excess fertilizer. Pruning well all outbreaks.

Pests: Fungi thrive in the combination of moisture and warm air. Sulfur and copper will help you remove them. The Bold is a plague that dirty black summer the plant, remove the leaves by washing with water and dishwashing.

Note that toads and ladybugs remove pests from your plants, but monitors the occurrence of snails on rainy days, these animals eat the leaves and stems.

Be sure to prune it by cutting sick, weak and dry, so the force returned to the plants and they grow faster.

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