A college magazine can have an opportunity for budding talents among students to start with their apprenticeship as would be writers or journalists. One should start developing the art or craft or writing from early youth. A college magazine acts as a training ground for students in order to try their hands at writings, short stories, essays, reports jokes, anecdotes, poetry and other forms of juvenile writing. Drawings, sketches and cartons by students also appear in a college magazine.

For other students as well who have no ambition for writing printable matter, their college magazine has an attraction as it comprises of news and reports about the different activities of the college such as games ,academic activities, various college functions and similar items. When they see in print the writings of their fellow students their interest is bound to be lifted up and they will feel like emulating those whose writings have found a place in the college magazine.

A college magazine must provide a varied fare to its readers. Besides the mentioned forums of writing which must find a place in a college magazine there must also be quips and queries and conundrums questions and answers on topics of interest to youthful readers, science notes, reports and accounts of adventure and other likely items. A college magazine should be published at least twice a year. One section of the magazine should be in English and the rest should be other Indian languages of the region. Competent teachers should select, correct and improve the matter chosen for publication. Both teachers and students should write for the college magazine. A badly or in competently edited college magazine would do more disservice than service to students.

A college magazine should not provide dull, difficult or heavy reading matter. It should contain pieces written in simple, racy and graceful language. It should be entertaining and unstructive at the same time. Most of our future writers will come out of the ranks of those whose earliest writings have first appeared in a well-edited college magazine.


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