Here I have discussed some tips on how to plan and face examinations without fear and tension.

Tips for Students

1.Always stick to a time schedule for studying daily lessons.It is from my practical experience that studying during morning hours helps in memorizing things easily.It is because of the calm surroundings and pleasant climate in early mornings.

2.Never spend too much of time in joint studies.Every individual has a unique style of reading and understanding.Joint studies can be considered only during revision time and not during the daily study routine.

3.Select an appropriate place for your studying.Keep the place neat and clean.Never dump your books on the table.Opt for an airy place.Ensure the place you have opted is not very close to the television sets or land line phone.

4.Avoid attending phone calls or persons at your door step when you are studying.

5.Always make it a habit to first understand,write and then read.

6.It is good to revise the lessons of all subjects during weekends.

7.It is good to maintain a notebook for each subject in which you can write important hints regarding some tough questions.It would help you a lot during exam times.

8.Never get demotivated when you score less in model exams.Always think positive that you can do better.

9.It is good to have good relationship with your teachers.Raise doubts when you are not able to follow the class.Never hesitate to clear your doubts.

10.Try to collect question papers of previous years and try to work it out during weekends.It will help you improve your way of answering and also in time management.

11.The number of hours you spend studying does not matter.The content which you have grasped matters.So,have total concentration when you are studying.

12.Never omit any questions in your exams.Give a try on unknown questions too.

13.Learn poems along with the punctuation marks and the author of the poem to get full marks.

14.Never mug up answers.It is always good to have a complete understanding of what we read.

15.Work out Maths at least for an hour daily.Important formulas can be written in charts using markers.Stick it in your study room.

16.Meditation helps to enhance memory power.So have the habit of meditating daily.

17.Have a break of 10 minutes for every hour you read.It will keep you fresh.It is for sure you will not feel sleepy thereafter.

18.Avoid coffee and tea,instead take plenty of fruit juices and milk.

19.Avoid eating junk food that may often upset your stomach.

20.Be confident that you have prepared well for your exams.Never get influenced by the thoughts of your friends or family members.

21.Avoid watching unwanted programs like reality shows in televisions.

22.Avoid spending too much of time playing computer games.Instead spend some time playing chess and ca ram board.These games helps to increase our focus and concentration.

23.Avoid eating icecreams and drinking cold drinks when your exam dates are nearing.

24.Don't use your mobile phones to discuss what others have studied by SMSing.

25.Give up the habit of eating while studying.

Tips for Parents

1.Pay full attention to your child's diet.It is good to provide them a balanced diet that will keep them energetic.

2.Avoid watching television programs during exams that you watch regularly.

3.Avoid unwanted discussions with your neighbours about good for nothing issues.

4.Motivate your child that he/she can do wonders.

5.Never compare your child with other children.

6.Promise them with a outing or a gift if they really excel in exams.

7.Politely refuse if any of your relatives have a plan to visit your house during exam times.There is nothing important than children's examinations.

8.Last but not least have faith in your child.

Hope these tips are very much useful for both parents and students!!!.

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