Our ancestors had to struggle for food. They had to walk long distances, climb the trees, and carry the loads for miles together. There were limited mechanical means to make work easier. Our grandparents had to plough the fields, draw water from the wells and work in the field right from the morning till evening. They had to walk longer distances to go to other places. As the civilization advanced, the life became easier. Today, the life has become not only easy, but very comfortable. Mechnisation, automation and various devices have deprived us of desirable physical activity. Physical activity is essential not only for an active and healthy life, but also for preventing diseases and developing efficient and strong body. Nature provides birth, growth and death but never the disease

What is health? Commonly health is defined as a disease free state of body. But actually the health is that  state when your physical, mental and spiritual capacities are in a state of maximum potential. This is an ideal state and difficult to achieve. But with your efforts, you can be close to it. Abundant energy from perfect health is the life line of progress and success in life. Good health provides the power and vigour with stamina. It provides power to resist and face the hard knocks. It provides an enthusiasm and zeal to undertake any objective in life.

You can be a knowledgeable and well educated person but cant attain the goal without good health. You may be the most intelligent person but you need energy to put your intelligence to accomplish work which is the output of good health. You may be doing the best job but the healthy person can achieve promotion and significant position in job. Your personality is only due to good health


Cheerfulness on your face can be only due to your good health. All round good health gives you success and happiness.You enjoy doing everything in life. If you are healthy your mind is alert. You think positive and rational. Your ability to concentrate on the job is enhanced. Your decision making trait is accurate. You take initiative to undertake any kind of job. Your productivity and efficiency are at peak. You can resist negative thoughts, fears and nxieties. You become an interesting person and take interest in others. You can overcome difficulties and face challenges of life. You can influence others.

Always remember that poor health results in failure and the sound health to success. The peope who have wealth, prestige, respect and reputation are always healthy. Those who obtain better positions in life, are the healthy ones.

Fitness is generally understood as full of strength with the highest stamina and the ability to fight both the diseases and the depressions. Scientifically the fitness is your muscular ability, cardiovascular functions and co-ordination. The fitness cant be taken as merely a body figure. A fit person is not only physically healthy, but mentally and emotionally too. Fitness is the ability to work with vigour and pleasure without fatigue. A fit person can resist fatigue and tolerate stress for a longer period. Fitness is also related to mental alertness as well as free from tensio. If you are physically fit, you feel better, look better and work better. Everyone cn become fit and healthy. Each one can gain strenght and endurance. Each one of you must train yourself, so that your body can attain the hgest level of efficency with the fullest potential.

Most of you may desire to be fitter than you are at present. But you are not aware of the best methods to achieve this desire. Physical activity is good for health. The physical condition of the human body affects every thought, emotion and action.



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