There was a poor man. He lived in a small town. The poor man had a son. He loved his son very much. He wanted to make his son a very educated and well-qualified man. For this, he worked day and night. He spent a lot of money on his education. His son fulfilled the desire of his father. He grew up and became engineer. The poor man became very happy. He got his son married with a very beautiful girl of a well-to-do family.

As the time passed, the old man’s son became a rich man. He earned a lot of money. He bought a big bungalow, foreign cars and other luxurious things for himself. But he built a small cottage in the backyard for his father. They didn’t care for him. They never gave him good food. They gave him torn blankets in winter to cover his body. But the poor old man never made any complaint. He was satisfied to see them living happily.

The son of the old man had a little son. He was very cute and intelligent. He had deep love and attachment for his grandfather. He always liked to live with him. But his mother checked him from getting too close to his grandfather.

As the child grew up, he saw the ill-treatment by his parents shown to his grandfather. He was very hurt to see this. But he could do nothing.

After sometime an idea struck his mind. He collected torn clothes, old dresses, blankets and other things. He made a bundle of all these things. Seeing all this, one day his mother asked him, “Why are you collecting all these things?”

The little child replied, “I am collecting all these things for you old age. Like my grandfather both you and papa would grow old. When you and father would be unable to do work, I shall give all these things to you. I saw my grandfather wearing torn dirty clothes. He covered his body with torn blankets and lived a very pitiable life.”

Both father and mother were struck to hear all these from the mouth of their loving son. They soon realized that children always follow what they see doing their parents. Both of them realized their mistake and repented for their bad treatment with the old man.

They decided to beg pardon of their father. They very shamefacedly went to him and apologized for their treatment mated out to him. The daughter-in-law was extremely ashamed of herself. She began to weep bitterly. The son of the old man said to his father, “Father, please forgive us. I have treated you very badly. You took so much pain in my upbringing, but I failed to perform my duty.”

The old man was moved to see this, “I never took it ill whatever you did with me. However, I forgive both of you !” said the old man with choked voice. He then embraced his grandson and kissed him. He asked his son, “Never make my little son unhappy. Always take care of him. He is very dear to me.”



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