India is a very big country, unemployment facing youth.

Education position is good in India. With the degrees Youth come out from the collages for every year. They searching jobs, apiaries in the offices no vacancies board. So, there is no job to do work. Money need for live. Work for money, so work wants every man


Population growth is main reason to the unemployment

No more jobs in government sectors, heavy competition in private company jobs. Information technology position is also very weak.


A very serious problem facing our country is unemployment. A large number of people are without any jobs. They are unable to make both ends meet. The number of jobless on the live registers of employment exchanges is alarming. Among them are professionally and technically qualified youth also. The number is shooting up every year.

Every year our educational institutions are producing thousands of graduates and post graduates. These people refuse to under taking any manual work. Even agricultural graduates refuse to go to villages and work in the fields. Engineers crave for government jobs rather than establishing their own industries. Hence our educational system needs a drastic change.

The educational planning should estimate correctly our man power requirements. The choice of profession should depend entirely on the demand of the employment market. Population explosion has its own contribution to the growth of unemployment. The other aspect of the problem is the rural unemployment. Massive programs of investments in rural areas involving the rural people should be taken up. Number of incentives should be announced to those who involve themselves in such programs.

Banks and other financial instrumentations should encourage self employment programs. People who come forward to establish some trade or industry should be extended financial assistance. A realistic approach on the part of government is needed to tackle the challenge.


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