Be happy. Live with happy. Happy not only comes from the enjoying.
Happy man show always smiling face. Happy is better to the health.
Good for happy. Bad is for sad.
Happiness is a state of mind. It reflects the cheerful temper of the mind. It is not physical. It is purely psychological.
It is always good to be cheerful and happy. It is indicated by a smile on our face. Every body likes cheerful people. Everybody likes to make friends with cheerful people. A smile on the face attracts people like a magnet. After all, a smile costs nothing. But it works wonders. Cheerful temperament helps us to forget our worries and problems. It wins good friends. Like sunshine, it spread joy all over. But how it’s to become happy and cheerful?
Happiness does not come with riches. It does not come with physical comforts. Real happiness lies in making others happy. We must try to make others happy. We can find our happiness in the happiness of others. That is secret of real happiness. So, we have to try to keep others happy, by helping them. We must be kind to the poor and the needy. Then we can see happiness in their faces. And that happiness makes us happy. This is real happiness. Such happiness please god also. God will be pleased with us.
God in heaven asked his angles to bring two most precious things on earth. They picked up the prince’s heart and the dead bird. They took them to heaven. God was highly pleased with the gifts. He gave them a place in heaven. The story of the happy prince shows that real happiness lies in making others happy. Those who help the poor and miserable are dearer to god. So be happy and try to make others happy.

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