Why China is first and we are last.Classroom blind

Few days ago one survey was done and results declared, which was organized by OICD .In that list we are in second position from last where china is in first position. This survey was organized as World class talent search among south and south Asia students. We are failure in all respect than China but why?

During last four decade China has given importance in education and this is the result. China established them as first in the World in professional education. China education system consists with con-fusi system and modern system. In other word their system is the modern form of Jo_an Lai’s education system. Their education system is not limited among book-learning. It is spread in cultivation, Industry, Technology, and Defense. They also made a system to give compulsory education up to nine years to all children forcedly. During these nine years every student must have to learn mathematics, science, and China literature. Above all there is no difference between a student of town and village and their syllabus is also same.

In our country there are several syllabus and board and many education system. In villages many student’s family are poor and they prefer income rather than education. Many teachers do not attend in school regularly.

There are many professional schools in China and are run by their industrialist or chamber of commerce. It has one cause. They make their students as per their requirements. They also learn about information technology, tourism sector and many voluntary services. They give importance in professional education to reduce the unemployment.

They also invite foreign university with many scholars and professors. We also follow them but we started in late. Among two hundred university of World, Three university of China hold the position but no university is within first five hundreds.

 COMPARISON (according 2004-05)






No of university




No of students

4.7 million

11 million


No of engineering graduate




No of medical college




No of professional education center



In India the right of education is imposed according the constitution. But still now in 600,000 villages there is no primary school. There is no sufficient platform to get professional education. In India ITI colleges are 5100 and polytechnic colleges are 1745. In China there are 500,000 professional educational centers.

 So we should improve more and more. Education is the main backbone of a country. We should increase the number of professional education center otherwise we shall remain in last.

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