One cannot define easily the term "relation". When we talk with somebody there is a special kind of relation. We talk with somebody there is a special kind of relation. We talk with teachers, classmates, juniors, seniors, parents and relatives. They all have some kind of relationshipwith us.

In my opinion, there are two kinds of relations:

  • God made relations
  • Man made relations

We can easily understand the God made relations - father, mother, brother, sister etc.

Man made relations are somewhat different or I can say totally different from God made relations. Every person in this world has got something very special in his or her own way. When some body's personality fascinates us we feel attached towards him/her, and suddenly we develop a new kind of relationship - friendship.

This is the most important man-made relationship which effects the past, present as well as future of a person. So one should be very careful while making friends.

We should

"Count our life with smiles not tears

Count our life with friends not years."

Sometimes, there is confusion in our relations and this confusion breaks our relationship with others. The cause of the failure of these relations is the inadequacy of words. Because the words are never competent enought to express fully our thoughts and feelings.

Human relationships are necessary for happiness in life. Relationships can be established not through logic alone but through emotions as well. The basic requirement for healthy person realatiosnhip is union of hearts, emotional understanding, sympathy and harmony. When a person establishes a good relationship with others then we surely call him "A balanced person".

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