India is our country. It is a large country with a large population. There are the mighty Himalayas in the north. There is snow on the top of these mountains. These mountains are very high ad beautiful. There are seas on three sides of our country. There is the Bay of Bengal on the east, the Indian Ocean on the south and the Arabian Sea on the west.

In summer the snow on the Himalayas melt into water. The big rivers of the north spring from the Himalayas. The Indus, the Ganges and the Brahmaputra are the three big rivers big rivers in the north. They flow down the hills, through the valleys, across the large plains into sea.

In the south there are three big rivers, the Godavari, the Krishna and the Cauvery. There are large dams across these rivers. The Nagarjunasagar dam is build across the river Krishna. People grow rice, Maize and ragi in the south.

People in our country speak different languages. In the north people speak Hindi, Punjabi and Kashmir. In the south, they speak Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam. In the west the people speak Marathi and Guajarati and in the west Bengal, Oriya and Assamese. Most of the people in our country depend on agriculture. They grow wheat, rice, maize, ragi and other crops. People work hard factories too.

There are Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs in our country. The Hindus worship in temples, the Muslims in mosques, the Christian in churches, and the Sikhs in Gurdwar.

People wear different kinds of clothes and eat different kinds of food in our country. We grow many vegetables and eat them. Some people eat fish and meat.

India is one of the developing countries, advanced in science. Many industries are there.

Our country is vast and beautiful. There are mighty mountains, big rivers, thick forests and beautiful green valleys in our country. We speak different languages. We belong to different regions. We wear different kinds of dress and our food habits are different. But we are all one. We are Indians. ` We all know the unity is strength.’

India is great.

India is good.

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