When you serve your mother and father, you serve God

Our ancient scriptures say that each one of us has three debts to pay. They are the debt to mother, debt to father and debt to Guru.

The mother gives birth to a child. She takes care on the child. She nourishes him. Even if she wears tattered clothes herself she sees to it that her child is well-clothed. Even if she hungry herself, she sees to it that her child is well fed. She fulfils all the needs of her child. If the child wets the bed, she moves him to a dry spot. She herself sleeps on the wet bed. When the child is ill, she stays awake all the night she cares for child as he grows from a baby to an adult.

The mother teaches her child many things. She is its first Guru. The child never forgets what it is learnt from its mother. She is its first teacher. The home is the first school. There is no one on earth who is not indebted to his mother. But this debt can never be repaid. We cannot imagine how much the mother sacrifices so that her child may gown up be to be a good person. They only way to repay your mother is to serve her all your life.

The father helps the mother to take care of the child. He also makes many sacrifices in order to fulfill the needs of his child. He sees to it that his child has clothes to wear and good food to eat. He teaches the child all about the world outside. The father is the child’s second teacher. The only way to repay your father is to serve him all your life.

It is your duty to serve you mother and your father. God bless him who serves his mother and father.

Shravan Kumar was devoted to his mother and father. They were blind. When he was 20 years old, they said that they wanted to go on pilgrimage to all the holy places.

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