From the very beginning of our education the teachers and elders teach us what we should do and what we should not.  At first we pay heed to them and abide by their advises. But as time passes we gradually ignore them. We think that we are mature enough, so we know everything and we will lead our life as we wish. But what we forget very often is that we commit some harmful ‘crime’ towards our society. We forget that how much misery may come behind our satisfying own interests. To smoke in public places is one of them. It becomes a terror of our society today.

People’s tendency to smoke in public places 

We know very well that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. It creates a lot of diseases. Yet, we smoke continuously even in public places that may harm even the innocent people who remain close to the smoker. Such an activity can never be abolished from our society. Even the government may take some steps, but they can never stop it altogether. It is quite natural that people can never keep the smokers away from smoking unless he himself becomes conscious about it. But we should stop cigarette smoking in public places at any rate to save the society from enormous pollution.

Harmful to society 

Actually cigarette smoking in public places is injurious; even to the total people not to the only smokers for the people suffer from “passive smoking”. When a person smokes in a public area, the people near him in-hale the smoke and suffers from suffocation. They cough too much though they have no fault of their own in it. Besides, the poisonous smoke may cause even lung cancer for which they will still remain innocent. Again, the young generation being immature may begin to taste it from their emotional ground as they frequently see smokers to smoke with intent satisfaction. Though very rare, sometimes burning counterpart of cigarette or burning stick of matches may cause fire. Sometimes, clothes of the innocent people are burnt by them for the smokers do not remain careful to it.


So the common masses should force the smokers to stop smoking in public places bringing the points to light how much injury it may cause. At the same time they should alert them that ‘every cigarette takes five minutes of one’s life’. The person who is smoking is the only person who can leave this habit because there is nobody who will leave for him. So the first step should be taken by him only and then the second step should be taken by his parents and the last step should be taken by his friends and public. In most of the cases friends the only reason why people started smoking and many of the friend are like if you don’t want to smoke then they will encourage you by saying big words so that you can start smoking and most of the cases are also like that friends are the only reason why people leave smoking it all depends on the surrounding where you stay or where you mostly present. 

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smoking kills

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