Fortunately the answer calls for no special thinking, as it is too evident. I think that the subject is at everyone’s finger tip and it is computer, both hardware and software. 

It is today almost unavoidable. The future lies with it. But I have certain reservations. 

The device which is becoming a human substitute is in its teething time. Being a global phenomenon it comes up every day with new samples of its potential. I observe that our generation is in a state of committing itself to it up to the neck. It can achieve assured result and an increasing degree of perfection faster. It has invaded the world of art and craft, anatomy, physiology and bio-science and has set new milestones of success and achievement.

Naturally it imposes itself upon anyone with an extreme urgency. Personally I want to mark it play second fiddle to my passion. I have a passion for zoology, which I want to adopt at my future career. The world of the fauna interests me much. The national geographic channel in the TV every day initiates me into the mysterious habits, responses and behaviours of the wild variety of creatures from the grasshopper to the lions and tigers. It inspires or inflames imagination. I notice how explorers of knowledge poach in their territory at night collecting data. The computer software device can arrange these data; sort them and device new possibilities of development. But it can do only what compares its purview, its limited potential. The human mind, I think, is comparatively a more unlimited phenomenon. 

As such the computer can never replace the human potential. It is a mechanical contraption that house brain modules, one might say. Naturally it is an always in a state of flux; what avails today may be defunct tomorrow. It has to play second fiddle to human quest. I believe that its utility lies in playing a complementary role in the Great Quest which is the chief haul mark of the millennium. We see how it’s of the speed of human thinking, research and explanation. The computer with its novel technique has hastened new discoveries. 

Thus the computer is unavoidable as a subject unless one loves to rot in a rut. But the question remains. Shall it not partially cripple the god-gifted human abilities for the coming generation in distant future?

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