The term ‘pollution’ till recent past was a localised phenomenon. It implied shabby living, filthy habits. But today the term has gained a wider significance and perspective and it is due to science. Now expressions like water, air and sound pollutions have gained currency. Those embodied in one terminology are known as the pollution of the eco-system.

The chief factor behind any kind of pollution is ‘exploitation’. It is a pity that with the galloping progress of science men has become blind to the fundamental truth of life on this earth. They have callously disregarded the truth that man is one of the components of the organic system that is life. On the contrary he has mounted on the Pegasus of progress and ravaged the forces of natural too selfishly for his own system only. Mother Nature tolerated this senseless and ruthless exploitation for long without demurring. But now it is her turn to retaliate and it is known as nature’s revenge. The chief causes of air pollution are the atomic explosions, massive deforestation, and the heavy thrust to conquer space and reckless disregard of rules by vehicular traffic. I shall touch on each of these in passing. The last two atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki have not been able to restrain the mad lust of power seekers. In the recent times atomic or nuclear tests have been conducted. Again the ‘scorched earth’ policy of Saddam Hussain set ablaze the huge fuel stores whose curling fumes vitiated the air. The released petroleum rolled down into the surrounding sea-water. Everyone has seen films depicting the misery of the sea-animals.

Massive deforestation for construction purpose and fuel has, over the years, slowly altered the balance that ought to exist between oxygen and carbon dioxide. On the other hand the rapid growth of industries has surcharged the atmosphere with unhealthy smoke. It is shuddering to think that even the upper regions of the Himalayas have become relatively barren due to deforestation. 

Again the quest for knowledge and the conquest of the unknown by science has recoiled on us with telling effect. The rockets sent into space has caused rents through which ozone gas persistently enters and disturbs the eco-balance of our world. We have read in newspaper that America now has devices to repair this damage.

Environment science, today, has become the most formidable and constructive. Its purpose is to instruct men about the significance of balance of the elements in human life. Now there is sudden explosion in fuel –driven vehicles in every part of the country. The petrol gas that is emitted in huge quantity in the evening in the cities and towns affects human life with far reaching bad effects. It mixes with our breathings and makes us subject to fatal diseases like cancers, TB and what not. The law tries to prevent such heavy emissions of gas, which is due to bad maintenance of the vehicles. But very seldom are the authorities that execute such laws so vigilant. 

The plain truth is that men who know the secret of these hazards must behave as responsible citizens. They have to observe the basic truth of natural law and see that the administrative laws that seek to prevent such hazards are observed by others and properly enforced by the hands of law. Otherwise man himself shall become a miserable victim of this imbalance. One most recent example of such unnatural human experiment is the ‘mad-cow-disease’ in England. It takes its origin form the fact that the British farmers have multiplied there yield of milk by feeding their cattle with processed flesh of the cows, pigs, sheep and other animals. 

Nature ordains that cow is herbivorous and reacts. As a result the disease that infect these animal, now affect men and children who use milk of such cows.

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