Now a day shortage of water is mainly the most common problem which almost every state has, but it is very common in villages. As we all know that water is very much essential to live. The shortage of water or we can say the crises of water in India is really a big problem which is almost as big as life of a human being. Yeah if the water is very much essential in living then it can be said like this also that it can takes one’s life if it is not available, and now at the present in India it is taking life of many people mostly the people who are farmers, who are not getting water to grow their crops and they are very depressed because of the present situation of the village where there is no water. 

Water scarcity in villages

Mainly in India most of the villages does not have sufficient water to grow their crops, so there is a shortage of water in the agricultural field. And sometime in the summer season there is a vast problem rises to the farmer or the people living in the local area, and that problem is the problem of drinking water because in the summer season most of the pond and well water soaks up and only mud is left behind as the mark indicating that the water was left for sometime there. We all know that in the villages there is no municipality pipeline or any kind of water facility, if there is something then it is definitely natural resources in the form of small pond and well. Recently we are hearing about water problems in latur which is in Maharashtra. The drought is such a problem which forces the farmer to do suicide, yes we all known that it is the wrong decision which the farmers in India are making but we all know that why they are doing all these, they are doing in the hope that after their death, government will credit some amount to their family and from which their family will get to eat some food for 2-3 months. It’s very hard to accept that country real heroes are committing suicide. Now a day climate is changing so fast that one cannot percept which season is this, because now a day we often see a state facing drought and on the other side we are seeing a state full of water, I mean a state is facing flood, one side there is no water and one side there is lots of water. Now a day even a scientist are confused. 

Water scarcity in city 

Mostly in cities water scarcity problems does not occur often, very few times in a year it happens but mostly it does not happens, it is because there are artificial way of giving water to the society or to the area in the city. There is a separate water department which are organised to supply water twice a day. Cities are developed and that’s why there is no problem for water, and if it happens then it happens because of some evil officials who don’t do their job perfectly. Many dams are there, and many scientific way of collecting rain water and natural sources of water, so there is no problem for water scarcity in city. Many of us think that there is scarcity of water in cities also, but our thinking is wrong, there is no shortage of water in city and when sometimes when we don’t get water then it is only just because of some problem which usually occurs in the form bad pipeline. And to exchange that bad water pipeline it almost takes 2-3 days and those 2-3 days we don’t get water. So I think there is no problem of shortage of water or any sort of a thing from which we can say that we are having scarcity of water in the city.

Villages and city water scarcity  

Well if we compare city water scarcity and villages water scarcity, then I think there is no comparison between them because village water scarcity is very much vast and painful and whereas about city water scarcity, yeah in this also people are get into problem but not as much as the people in villages has to face. In city sometimes when there is no water available in our house and we can do one more thing to get water is that by buying the water from the store but in villages it’s not like that, we don’t get water in the store and if the water is available to the small shop in the villages then I think it would be very much difficult to the villagers to buy because as we know that most of the villagers are poor and they cannot afford to buy costly things. We also know that the lifestyle of the villagers are too cheap as they don’t wear, eat costly things and the water which they drink are not safe too because the water which they got are dirty and unsafe for human being. The city water scarcity in comparison to the village water scarcity is not so high and lethal. As we know that in most of the villages just because of the water scarcity, the farmer are not getting enough water to grow their crops and which are making them to commit suicide whereas in city nobody commit suicide for water. In villages the water scarcity is not only the scarcity it is much more than that it becomes the scarcity of life.

Death because of water scarcity 

We have heard about the death which is caused due to shortage of money or financial problem but I think very few times in our life we heard about the death which is committed due to shortage of water mostly there are poor people who are involved in this because water shortage is mostly the problem of villages. Now the death because of water shortage is become a fashion in India, I think the death which are committed due to shortage of water will have two reason behind it one is, it can be a government failure to fulfilled the villagers hopes or the second one which is the tension and depression caused in the mind of the villagers which forced them to commit suicide which is really a very decision to make. I don’t know why the villagers who commit suicide are so confident that after their death everything will be fine and their family will not face any kind of problem in the near future, why they don’t see the face of their family who wants to stay with him/her. I know only one thing that, yes money and water and any sort of a thing which are necessary to live is really essential and vital for anyone to live in this world but not at the risk of any one’s life, life is a very delicate thing if once gone, it’s gone it will never ever come back again. If the villagers or anyone who wants to die then die but with courage and bravery not like impotent, face the problem, fight with it until you get succeed, if the result comes in your favour then it’s ok and if it doesn’t then fight until you die. 

Be an example 

Yes be an example, just think if you are tired of everything and nothing is going in your favour and the only thing which is coming in your mind is suicide then just think what are you teaching to your younger or your child. If one commits suicide then he/she is teaching his/her child to commit suicide. And the child will commit suicide in that fashion as his/her parents taught him/her. So I think the parents who are the only look after of any child should teach a lesson on facing problems in life to their child so that they can face the problem of life with bravery and with lots of confidence. As we know that the child will do the same as the parents teach them because the parents are the base of their life and they will learn everything from them first then from others. Now a day many school going child or even the college going students commit suicide as they cannot handle the work and study which they have to do which creates immense pressure in their mind and they commit suicide, as we know that the students are our future, and we should save them to get a good future. Whereas about the water shortage suicide, yes I know that this is not the small problem because the villagers really life is water, yeah because of water they are earning, I mean to say that everything is water for them, and if they don’t get water for 1-2 months they are forced to commit suicide, but committing suicide because of water is really a big deal, if we say that they shouldn’t commit suicide then it is not wrong but what they can also do because the main thing which is helping them to survive in this bad world that is only betraying them. 

The government should do 

There are five things which the present government should do in order to save the people of the villages from the scarcity of water:- 

1) The government should boost the confidence of the poor people who are going through the depression of scarcity of water.

2) The present government should assure the people of the affected area that they will get water in very short time and the government should provide them water in very short time. 

3) The government should improve the water facility in the villages through water pipelines spread in the villages.

4) Scientific way of storing water should be introduced in the villages. And 

5) the most important thing which the government should do is that they should built dam. Where the dam is urgently needed or where the dam can save the life of lots of life.

Necessity of saving the villages 

Yeah, as we know that the villages are the real respect of our country and as we know that the most important things which we eat mostly come from the villages. So in order to save the villages, we all should do something which can be done to save the villages, well if we see one side of the villages is that the country GDP depends on the villages. One should know the importance of villages in the country and then only we will come to respect our country villages and will eager to save the villages much more than any other person. Just think the food we get to eat now, if we don’t get then what will happen, we will be worried and feel tasteless to every food which we eat excluding that food which we eat regularly. So the importance of village is very much important more than our thinking. Don’t hate the villagers just because of their attire and style of living because the things which they do nobody can do that. 


If there is a problem then there is definitely the solution is available for that problem, so in that manner there is a solution to this drought situation. There are many things which can be done to face scarcity of water, but the only thing is needed is a try and believe that this can be done to face this problem or the crises which is really a big problem. I think many scientific methods should be used to store rain water or the increment of well in the villages should doubled or the hand pump should be available to each and every house in the villages. There are so many things which can be done to face scarcity of water but they are not processed just because of the irregular activities of the minister of present government they focused on money rather on poor people. We all have seen that every government rarely sees to the villages, if we see earlier when the present government was standing to the elections the only things which is very common in any parties manifesto is that they will give a sophisticated life to the villagers but they don’t fulfilled the said things and in the next election they will say again these words and they will forget with ease. I thing if the government has the strong will power to save the people who is facing the scarcity of water in the villages then there is nobody in this world who can stop the government to do this kind of social activities, and why they will not do because whatever the government is today is just because of the poor people who sees hopes in the eyes of the government. How sad to see the hopes which are broken, which was present earlier in the eyes of the villagers. There is another way to store water method which is by teaching and educating the people of the villagers about the essence of storing water and the method which they can use to store water to face the scarcity of water in the near future.

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