Perception is the process of receiving, selecting, organizing, interpreting, checking and reacting to sensory stimuli. When an individual receives stimuli through his sense organs, this is called sensation. Sensation is the raw material of experience. But perception means adding meaning to the sensation by the help of past experience. And it is a cognitive process.

The perception is composed of several processes. These are as follows.

1)    Process of receiving stimuli: stimuli are received from various sources through the five sense organs. And the reception of stimuli is a physiological aspect of perception.

2)    Process of selecting stimuli: After receiving the stimuli, only some are selected for our attention. Generally, people selectively perceive objects which interest to them most. This selection process is influenced by intensity, size, repetition and familiarity of object. Also the personality, psychological need, interest, background and experience of the individual plays a major role.

3)    Organizing: in this process the received stimuli are organized in some pattern. It is necessary to make sense out of the data received.

4)    Interpreting: the perceiver gives meaning to the received data and interprets the data.

5)    Checking: the perceiver checks whether his interpretations are right or wrong.

6)    Reacting: In the last phase, the perceiver reacts to his perception. The cycle of perception is not completed unless it leads to some action. The person may act on the basis of favorable or unfavorable perception.

How to Improve Perception ?

The way we perceive others is reflected in our behavior towards them. An inaccurate perception will lead to conflicts and distorted behavior. There are some simple ways to improve our perception.

1)    Perceiving yourself accurately. This requires more awareness about you. It’s possible by better interaction and open communication with others.
2)    Improving self concept.
3)    Looking at a problem from other’s point of view.
4)    Having positive attitude. Positive attitude makes our perception more accurate.
5)    Avoiding first impression and stereotypes.
6)    Making effective communication.

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