Don’t say lie. True is God. Don’t miss your promise.

It is very important to keep promises. So often we promise to do this and that, but we don’t fulfill the promise. This hurts people.

There can be several reasons for not keeping a promise. For instance, you may have made a promise without thinking about it. When the time comes to fulfill it, you find you are not able to do so. This means you have made a rash promise. Always think well before you promise something.

Some times you make a promise merely to please somebody. Maybe, the person is pleased when you make the promise, but he will surely be annoyed when he friends you have not fulfilled it. He will no longer believe you. He will not take your word for anything.

When keep your word to mummy, she trusts you. When you say you are going to a friend’s house to play, she trusts you. When you say you will be back in an hour, daddy trusts you to keep your word. But if you take three hours to return, they get worried. They will stop trusting you. They may not allow you to go there next time.

Never be careless about a promise. A word once given cannot be taken back. If you up to the promise, you will earn the respect of other.

When you promised to your friend don’t miss it. The first lie drags every other role onto it self to make `honest’ declarations about itself to the world. How sublime! And the whole world indulges in it. Not only does the lover indulge in it to catch a beloved, but the beloved indulges in it give the other a false sense of superiority, as though she was `won’ over she was never willing to belong or to be won over. The political leadership always does something for `others,’ and never stands to gain!

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