God is great.

God is holy.

God is powerful.

God is one to all.

God is in any where.

Kabir’s spiritual vision is board that he appeals to people of different religions. There are informal Christian groups, for instance, who use Kabir’s poems in their worship service. Akbar, the great Mughal emperor, designed a new religion taking the best tradition from each faith. Zoroastrians, Christians, and Hindus discussed their philosophies in his court.

There are families in north India which one out of two brothers is a Hindu and other a Sikh. In some village in Ladakh, it is customary for Buddhist families to raise of the sons as a Muslim. Baha’is accepts members of all religions as their own family. This is the great and tolerant tradition which we have inherited. We are citizens of a multi – faith society which sees and accepts what is good in all religions. We love and respect people of all religions. The birth of new ways of thinking about God and worshiping him is unique to India. It is what the word `syncretism’ means. Elements from religions that may be quite different from one other are brought together by our spiritual genius. They take root because India welcomes all sacred thoughts. Religions are but different paths to the same God.

The rainbow symbolizes unity in diversity. Can we paint a rainbow in a single color? Should we let it turn dark or disappear?

Let us remember that God is one and that the paths to the Divine are many. The Bhagvad Gita says, `in whatever form he worships me, in that form shall I appear to my devotee and strengthen him and make firm his faith’.

When Kabir died in 1448, both Hindus and Muslims fought for the possession of his body. When the body was uncovered they saw a heap of flowers. They divided the flowers and each group performed the rites according to its tradition.



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