*You use a thermometer to measure your temperature. With what will you measure other things- like the speed of the wind blood sugar or high a planes and mountain?

The name of an instrument measures something usually ends with the suffix –meter. `Meter’ comes from a Greek word `meaning’ `measure’.


  • This instrument measures the purity and richness of milk by checking the amount of water it contains.


  • This instrument measures the speed of a vehicle as well as the number of kilometers it has travelled. It can also be used to tell things like the distance between two places or how old a vehicle is.


  • This instrument measures the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood of person who has diabetes. It can be used at home. It is very useful to sugar patients.


  • This instrument measures the strength and direction of a magnetic force. It can be used by spacecrafts and satellites in space. It is also used by scientists looking for minerals under the earth’s crust or by airport security officials looking for weapons in baggage.


  • This instrument measures the pressure of the air in the earth’s atmosphere at a particular place; a high pressure shows that the weather is likely to be fair, while low pressure can indicate stormy weather.


  • This instrument measures the speed and direction of wind. It is used in weather predictions.


  • This instrument measures the height of things like an airplane, a balloon or a mountain climber. The height is measured above sea level and not, for example, from the top of a hill.


  • This instrument measures the blood pressure of a person. It is used very commonly by doctors everywhere. This is more useful for check up BP patients.



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