Let me share some of the tricks and secrets for studying

  • SECRET 1 ==> No excuses,make studying a regular habit which is worth having

Here you should understand that there is no way yuo can run from studies.Accept the fact that you have to and somehow have to study.

Set up a winning schedule and follow it. By doing this  you will develop a habit of studying.And be strong that you dont miss out studying regularly as per the schedule,which in long run will improve your concenteration.

  • SECRET 2 ==> Create the right studying environment

A necessary and most important thing which people tend to forget during studying is the environment in which they are studying.Peaceful environment is very essential for proper studies.All the things which distract you from studiies should be kept aside and away from studying environment.You should resist the temptation of eating during studying or watching tv or talking on cellphones and stuff which distract you .

Now the important point is of choosing an environment.The place should be quiet and relaxing but not too relaxing so that you can sleep! instead it should be just comfortable and away from disturbances and noises.Then it is always observed that daily studying at a particular place during schedule gives positive attitude and vibrations that helps to concenterate more on studying and makes studies easier.In this environment you should not sleep and study.this is very dangerous as you tend to sleep and your concenteration looses and becomes poor.

  • SECRET 3 ==> Maximise your time

Make sure that you take some breaks in between so that you just dont saturate your brain.Always take some fresh air by walking out when you feel stressed out.try to rotate your neck left right,kind of gentle exercise,and then continue with the studies.This will maximise your study time and will make you learn faster.

Also find out the time during which you can study the most.i.e try to find out the peak hours which will give maximum output.


  • SECRET 4 ==> Use study Aids to your advantage

Some people have a habit of making notes by scribbling on their hands and at various place.You should avoid this,instead maintain a small book or diary where you can take down important points or you can say making notes of iportant points which you can refer during your final revision.

Other aids such as videosflash cards,dummy exams can also be tried

  • SECRET 5 ==> Remember to use memorization techniques

When it is difficult for you to remeber most of the things you have studied then try out various memorization techniques which will help you to easily memorize those things.There can be any technique such as Recitation,Acronym,Acrostics,Rhymes,Singing tune etc even the technique invented by you will do.

  • SECRET 6==> Visualise your success and tame your fears

Always try to visualise that afer studying you will be successful and at the same time try to learn from your mistakes and avoid them in future.By this there will be no fears in you for the failure and a positive attitude of champion will start building in you.

  • SECRET 7 ==> Dont cram the night before...Instead what to do.

Dont get tense about the exam next day,instead try to chill out.Be relaxed.Go for a short drive or for a walk.A good 6 to 7 hours of sleep is essential before exam for your brain to work properly .By this it will all recollect whatever you have studied.Dont panic at the end if you dont remember som small things.Instead just brush up those things and it will be fine.

I hope this 7 secrets will definitely help you out  in studying.All the best

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