Tomorrow 24th October is United Nations Day. Though there are so many restrictions UN is a ray of  hope for a peaceful world. Another one more birthday of it is coming amid of attempts to establish peace and safety in the world.

Previous American President Franklin D Rousvelt has suggested this name which was approved by 26 countries through Declaration of UN on 1st January, 1942. In 1945 at San Francisco members of 50 countries signed on the UN Charter.UN Came into existence on 24th October, 1945. The first summit was held on 1st January 1946 at London. UN was formed as a continuation of League of Nations which stopped their operations by that time.

Though so many countries were considered for becoming the head quarters of UN, the lot fell on Newyork. The building of head quarters which stand on the bank of east river started on 1949 and completed on 1952. This is lying on a spacious 19 acres of land. Rockfeller helped a lot in acquiring land. The main architect was his advisor Wallace Harrison. Though it is situated in Newyork it is considered to be an international property. The second biggest office of UN outside Newyork is in Geneva, Switzerland. The main motive of UN is taken from the words “ Let us beat sworkds into Plowshares” is taken from Bible.

The cost of running UN is contributed by all its member nations. The budget is prepared for every two year. The amount of contribution is decided upon the National income of Member Nations. To avoid the over dependability of any specific country, there is a Ceiling Rate fixed for each country. America is the only nation contributing up to the maximum Ceiling Rate. Many nations happen to fall in credit also. Other Nations contributing a huge amount are Japan, Germany, UK, France, Italy, China, Canada, Spain, and South Korea. For the years 2008, 2009 the budget is 419 Crore Dollars. The Major share of budget is used to establishing peace in various parts of the world. World food program like special projects are not included in budget.

In 18th Century famous German philosopher Emmanuel Kant has proposed an idea of an organization of all nations. He believed that it will help a lot the small nations which do not have money or manpower like the larger ones.

India was not independent at the time of formation of UN. But Indian being the second largest in terms of population got an invitation to take part in San Francesco summit. A Ramaswamy Mudaliar, Firoz Khan Noon and V T Krishnamachari represented India for the same.

The predecessors of present Secretary Ban Ki Moon were Trigway Lee  from Norway (1st ), Dag Hammerschold from Sweden (2nd), U Thant from Burma (3rd), Javer Peres De Square from Peru, Kurt Walthem from Australia, Buthrose Khali from Egypt, Kofi Annan from Khana.

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